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Inside Out Home Staging - & Redesign Inc
~ First Impressions Are Everything ~
With 89% or more of today's home buyers finding properties on line,  the initial impression takes place before entering the property. How your listing is presented on line may make or break an initial showing. Upon entering a property, buyers form an opinion in just few seconds. Offering a short window of opportunity to make a really great first impression.  
~ We protect the Realtor/Client Relationship ~
That's why we are here to discuss sensitive issues pertaining to the condition of your listing and staging recommendations with your clients. In turn, protecting your relationship. We prepare the property professionally, presenting a polished appearance that will appeal to the target market. We have been educated and trained under strict guidelines to handle these very important tasks. Once the property is completed, your listing will stand out above the crowd.  Yielding reduced market time.
~ What We Do ~ 

  • We work with Builders, Realtors, Investors and Property Management Organizations.
  • Offering the solution for your Listings, Investment Property,  and Leasing Clients.
  • Creating style that appeals to today's buyers and renters 
  • Cost effective solutions that produce results for you and your clients.
  • DIY Consultations.  
  • Open House Services.
  • We provide brochures and other marketing information to promote the benefit of Home Staging to your clients.  
~ Specials & Referral Awards  ~
Incorporate our services in to your client presentations. Boost your listing offering by providing a one-hour verbal walk through consultation with listing. We offer very competative rates to the real estate community.
As a closing gift, ask us about our on-site move-in services. Where we assist your clients to create personal style in their new space. Gift certificates are available.
For more information. Contact us at 1-847-809-8989